Cars 2

23 06 2011

“Cars 2” is the sequel to Pixar’s “Cars” which came out in 2006. “Cars” was, until now, largely considered the worst Pixar film, though still very good (74% on Rotten Tomatoes). “Cars 2” has so far accumulated a 38% rating. That is very low. According to the Tomatometer, “The Expendables” is better than “Cars 2.” That’s true.

The first “Cars” starred Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen, a racing car that’s, by accident, dumped in the middle of nowhere – Route 66 – where he finds friends and realizes that life isn’t always about winning. That’s the morale of that story. “Cars 2,” at least to me, doesn’t appear to have a moral. That doesn’t make it a bad movie at all, but a bad kids movie. Kids will likely swarm theaters to see this movie. I think that Pixar should’ve known better and should’ve took the opportunity to teach kids, other than just show bright explosions and unfunny hillbilly dialogue.

Unlike the first movie, McQueen (FYI, he’s got headlights now) isn’t the star, (even though he’s leading the pack on the poster) his tow truck, hillbilly friend Mater is. I don’t particularly like Larry the Cable Guy (he voices Mater) but I do respect him for wanting to make people laugh, and he does do that a lot. I laughed two or three times during “Cars 2,” two of those times were at the “Toy Story” short preceding the film. The third time was when Mater was locked in a bathroom in Tokyo.

The story here is basically the World Grand Prix. McQueen and Mater embark on a journey through the world to places such as Japan, Italy, and England. After an incident at the bathroom in Tokyo before the race, Mater is dragged into an international Bond-like espionage and the film becomes a Bond-like spy thriller, while frequently cutting back to McQueen and his quest to become the fastest car in the world … again.

Mater gets caught up with spies Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) and Holley Shiftwell (Emily Mortimer), the promoting-his-gas Sir Miles Axlerod (Eddie Izzard), and the evil Professor Zundapp (Thomas Kretschmann). I liked John Turturro as a proud F1 car, and the animation is beautiful to look at, but the film’s bad in overall.

The film is bad not only because it hasn’t got laughs or something to teach the kids, but also because there are so many explosions. My god, so many explosions. And so many cars being destroyed. I don’t know how this could be rated G. We know it’s not for real, every kid knows that, but this film doesn’t feel like it’s for kids anyway.

(Almost) no laughs, no moral, too much disturbingly frantic action and explosions, pointless 3D (as almost always), and no reason whatsoever. Why did Pixar make “Cars 2.” “Cars” was already a mistake, didn’t they really learn? And furthermore, “Cars 2” makes “Cars” worse. I really liked “Cars,” although I can tell you that it’s definitely among Pixar’s worst. “Cars 2” just ruined “Cars” for me. I can never see “Cars” again without thinking about “Cars 2.”

The fact that “Cars 2” is made by Pixar only makes its badness worse. Here’s hoping “Brave” will be much better than the essence of rottenness, “Cars 2.”

BUT, I am quite sure that young kids will laugh at everything that’s bright and moves fast, so if you think your kids can handle a film like this, and you can handle a film that your kids can handle, then take them out to see this movie. Otherwise, stay inside and watch “Toy Story 3” again.

Oh and you might want to check the movie out just because it has a teaser for Pixar’s next movie, “Brave” attached to it. That looked cool.

Rating: ★½





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23 06 2011
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