Green Lantern

23 06 2011

“Green Lantern,” the fourth superhero film of 2011. Considered the worst this year, the reviews have been mostly negative, but I’m proud to say that I enjoyed this film.

Martin Campbell, known for frantic action films like “The Mask of Zorro” and “Casino Royale,” has got an eye for action. He directs “Green Lantern,” and while action may play too big a part in this movie, it entertains, and that’s what this kind of movie is for. Those expecting a dark thriller like “The Dark Knight” will be dissapointed. Those who are looking for a good time will enjoy “Green Lantern.”

The Green Lanterns are the intergalactic peace corps. They can create just about everything with their ring. There are thousands of them. Ryan Reynolds stars as the title character. He’s played a superhero before – Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” This movie is much better than that movie.

Hal Jordan (Reynolds) is a test pilot, Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) is his love interest for the movie. Jordan is an irrational man. He doesn’t think before he acts and that often leads to disaster. He doesn’t sound as the Green Lantern type, but the Ring does choose him.

The evil Parallax, a being that derives its power from fear, escapes from Planet Rayut and fatally wounds Abin Sur, the Green Lantern who captured him. Abin Sur escapes to the nearest inhabited planet – Earth – to have the Ring choose a new Lantern to take his place. Hal Jordan is chosen, but the Ring never makes mistakes.

Jordan is transported to Oa, the kind of a capital for the Lanterns. We meet Sinestro, (Mark Strong) a leader of the Lanterns, Geoffrey Rush as a fish, and Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowoq. They train Jordan to become a strong Green Lantern.

Oa is a beautifully rendered world. I would’ve used more scenes in Oa, and more length to the movie in overall, it all happened perhaps a bit too fast.

Tim Robbins plays the senator father of Dr. Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) who is apointed to examine Abin Sur’s body, which the government finds in a swamp. He is exposed to Parallax’s ’venom’ which was found in Abin Sur’s body, and becomes a huge-headed freak from whom Parallax can feed fear. Parallax, by the way, is a huge cloud, and unlike many say that that’s silly, it actually isn’t.

We’ve seen great superhero films this year. “Green Lantern” isn’t quite the “X-Men: First Class” but it entertains a lot. The action is exhilirating. Ryan Reynolds is funny and charming. Blake Lively is hot as hell. The visuals are spectacular, deserving a Best Visual Effects nomination. The score by James Newton Howard is epic. There plot is slightly illogical, but this is a fun movie.

If you don’t go expecting a great superhero movie, you’ll get a fun and entertaining one. “Green Lantern,” while it isn’t deep like other DC Comics movies like “The Dark Knight,” succeeds as a fun summer movie with great action and visuals, and an overall not-too-dark-but-still-dark-enough-to-not-be-silly-and-still-maintain-a-fun-tone feel. “Green Lantern” is an old-school action movie where the action matters more than the plot, but in a good way.

Rating: ★★½





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