Forrest Gump

10 08 2011

“Forrest Gump” was both a critical and financial success. Tom Hanks won his second Oscar. The film win Best Picture (1994) and has become one of the American Classics.

It’s directed by Robert Zemeckis, known lately for the 3D motion-capture movies like “The Polar Express” and “A Christmas Carol,” both good, overlooked movies. He is a good director and Hanks is a great actor, and his performance is indeed praise-worthy in this movie, but I didn’t quite like “Forrest Gump” as much as most of planet Earth did.

The problem is mainly this: it’s too simple. There is nothing about “Forrest Gump” that made me think a bit more about the meaning of life or any philosophical crap, if you pardon my saying. And that wouldn’t normally be a problem, but “Forrest Gump” just seems it’s gonna be a smart movie. It’s not dumb, but it’s too simple.

The film tells the story of Forrest Gump, played by Tom Hanks. He has an IQ of 74, and so is not accepted to learn at a normal school. Until his mother does something naughty with the principal, after which Forrest Gump’s IQ is magically raised to 75.

So he has a quite normal childhood apart from his legs which do not work well at young age. Braces are put on his legs, and after meeting a girl at school, Jenny, the now famous line “Run, Forrest, run!” is heard.

He grows up, goes to Vietnam, survives miraculously, lives a normal life. He’s not smart, nor is he stupid. It’s a miracle really what he does. He meets the president… Presidents. The visual effects aren’t as convincing now as they were back in ’94, but still not all-that unrealistic.

Every technical aspect is top notch for 1994. Every performance is great, Gary Sinise as Lieutenant Dan Taylor I liked particularly. The direction is good, the writing is good, the dialogue often inspires chuckles and at times even laughter. But as I said before, there isn’t anything for me in “Forrest Gump” to make it a smart movie.

It’s a simple, good movie. It’s nothing special, therefore I think it shouldn’t have won the Best Picture Oscar. That should have gone to “The Shawshank Redemption,” which I still say is one of the most important films in the world. And if not “Shawshank,” then Tarantino’s utterly perfect “Pulp Fiction.”

The bottom line is this: “Forrest Gump” is a good, simple movie. For some it will inspire thought. I just liked watching Tom Hanks playing a simpleton.

Rating: ★★★





One response

11 08 2011

See oli heasüdamlik film.
Sa ei oska seda filmi väärtustada.
Stupid is as stupid does. 😀

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