Fright Night

28 08 2011

Colin Farrell was Alexander once, then he was John Smith, and now he’s Jerry the Vampire. I know, horrible vampire name.

In this new remake of the 1985 original, Anton Yelchin plays Charley, a teenager living in the suburbs near Las Vegas. He gets a new neighbor and, coincidentally, one of his friends goes missing. So his other friend Ed (Christopher-Mintz Plasse) tells him that Jerry is a vampire.

Stuff goes on and before you know it, Charley, his girlfriend (Imogen Poots), and his mother (Toni Collette), are chased by Colin Farrell across Nevada, or a small portion of Nevada.

“Fright Night” is surprisingly good. I was expecting something similar to the monstrosities coming out of Michael Bay’s horror remake company (“Friday the 13th,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street”). Instead, I got something more like a modern “Dracula.” It knows its vampire lore, and it’s nice to see vampires not sparkle in the sun for a change.

“Fright Night” is an old-school vampire movie then. It’s horrifying, well-performed, Colin Farrell actually makes for a badass vampire, and backed by a magnificent soundtrack and a very atmospheric feel, the new “Fright Night” is a welcome addition to the overflowing vampire movie pool.

Oh and, David Tennant aka Barty Grouch, Jr. from “Goblet of Fire,” plays Peter Vincent, a supposed vampire expert and magician. He, like the rest of the movie, is badass.

Rating: ★★★





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