Horrible Bosses

10 09 2011

Whoa! The second Colin Farrell movie in a row! And what’s more, this is as surprisingly good as the previous one!

“Horrible Bosses” stars Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis as three friends who all hate their bosses, who are played by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, and (you guessed it!) Colin Farrell.

After years of hard working in an office, Bateman’s boss, Kevin Spacey, still doesn’t agree to give him a promotion, and he keeps making fun of him, so he’s a horrible boss.

Charlie Day plays a dentist, who is sexually harassed by his boss, played by Jennifer Aniston. He normally wouldn’t have a problem with that, I guess, but he’s got to stay true to his fiancée.

And Jason Sudeikis’ boss is actually a nice guy, until he gets hit by a car and replaced by his annoying, thinks-his-cool, sex-bomb son, Bobby Pellit, played by Colin Farrell with a hilarious hairdo.

The three friends get sick of their horrible bosses and decide it’s best to murder them.

The bosses are all funny, Farrell plays his character the best out of the three, making me laugh almost every moment he was on screen, so naturally I was sad at his earliest demise, but Kevin Spacey was there to save the day. Aniston was more of a recurring cameo, and not as funny as the other bosses.

So the bosses are mostly all funny, and so is the trio who sets out to kill all of them. Bateman plays his usual never-humiliates-himself role. Charlie Day, never heard of him, plays a constantly-humiliating-himself role. And Jason Sudeikis is there too.

I’m not into the raunchy comedy genre, disliking “The Hangover” and many others like that, so I was surprised at how much I liked “Horrible Bosses.” It’s funny, and… Well, it’s a comedy, so, it’s just funny!

Rating: ★★★

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh9cG5dzs-U




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