Cowboys & Aliens

23 09 2011

Could I really have expected something deep from a movie called “Cowboys & Aliens”? Yes. Yes, I did. It’s advertised as a Western. And I loved all of the Western elements in it. But there’s something wrong. It’s not even the sci-fi elements, which are certainly overshadowed by those of the Western, though. It’s director Jon Favreau’s wish to make a Western, and not a Western/Sci-Fi which is wrong with “Cowboys & Aliens.” Also, perhaps the extraordinarily silly premise.

The movie begins in the middle of the desert. Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) wakes up, remembering nothing. He quickly punches someone, takes his clothes and horse, and rides to the town of Absolution, where he quickly embarrasses the Colonel’s (Harrison Ford) son (Paul Dano) and finds out he’s a wanted man. After a nasty bar fight and Olivia Wilde breaking a bottle, Jake wakes up imprisoned in the Sheriff’s office. He quickly punches someone again and is thrown into a carriage. The Colonel comes to claim his son, but something goes horribly wrong. The town is attacked by aliens.

Yes. A 19th century western town is attacked by alien spaceships. This is where everything goes wrong. The aliens steal a couple of citizens, kill some, and the rest rallies together and sets out on a quest to get their loved ones back.

Great opening, it would fit into a B-movie, but unfortunately, “Cowboys & Aliens” seems to understand it’s a B-movie only for the first 30 minutes. Then director Jon Favreau becomes obsessed with minor western details and forgets to develop everything else.

Why we care about the characters is all because of the opening 30 minutes. Then, with the aliens coming in, and the movie becoming a western with sci-fi elements, rather a western/sci-fi movie, it falls apart.

There is only one person to blame, director Jon Favreau. The guy knows how to make a good sci-fi movie (“Iron Man”). He knows how to make a western, and “Cowboys & Aliens” is a great western. But I think he wanted to make a western more than a sci-fi movie. And I wanted to see a western more than a sci-fi movie, but the sci-fi is so distracting. It feels like Favreau doesn’t care about it.

And I actually wouldn’t mind any of this, at all, but as soon as the aliens come, instead of confessing it’s a good B-movie, “Cowboys & Aliens” pretends to be a bad A-movie. I didn’t care at all about the aliens, nor any of the sci-fi part, I cared about the western part. And I would’ve loved to just see a western directed by Jon Favreau.

Replace the aliens with Indians and the plasma rifles with bows, and you’d have a great western. I respect Favreau, the guy’s a good director, but if you’re gonna make a film called “Cowboys & Aliens,” you’d better make it “Cowboys & Aliens,” not “The Good, The Bad, And The Aliens.” It just doesn’t fit together.

Olivia Wilde gets naked though, so you might wanna see that; I don’t know.

Rating: ★★





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25 09 2011

You’re wrong! You don’t know anything about movies! It’s very heartful and complicated movie! SHITASS!

25 09 2011

Actually, the thing is, that I liked this movie. It’s awesome just because of its silliness. Jon did concentrate a bit more on the western than on the sci-fi but sadly or luckily, that’s how I liked it.
It’s not as good as the Iron-Man in quality. But it’s more entertaining. Judging by your reviews, you also say that movies are supposed to be entertaining and THAT’S what this movie is. It, yes, doesn’t make an awful lot of sense but as entertainment it’s better than Green Lantern in my book.
If I’d only take a look at the film’s quality and classification, I’d know that this movie is shit. But the reason why this movie deserves a good word or two, is because I didn’t want to eat the popcorn anymore. The movie made me forget about it.

25 09 2011
Karl Kevad

Really? The reason you praise the movie is because it made you forget about your popcorn? I can already see the quotes on the DVD. “Best movie of the year!” “A true masterpiece!” “Made me forget about my popcorn!”

Anyway, yes, a movie’s got to be entertaining, and this movie was fairly entertaining, but it was such a disappointment. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, despite the mixed reviews. The trailers made it seem as if it was an ingenius mix of a western and a sci-fi movie.

That’s where the movie failed. It wasn’t a good mix. The western elements were great, the sci-fi wasn’t as good as the western elements, but still good. But that could pretty much be the same as mixing good coffee with good vodka, the result is a mess. “Cowboys & Aliens,” though entertaining, and smarter than the average blockbuster, is still a mess.

I’d rather watch “Green Lantern,” not because it’s better, it’s worse, but it’s much clearer. I know what’s it about, why the characters are doing what they’re doing. That and I like green space stuff more than ugly, slimy aliens.

Still sad to see “C&A” flop. $164 million against a $163 million budget. Actually, “Green Lantern” flopped too. $210 million against a $200 million budget. 😦

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