Real Steel

8 10 2011

When I found out that a movie called “Real Steel” was going to be made, I couldn’t care less. Then I saw the first trailer and had no hopes up for this movie. I wasn’t really impressed with director Shawn Levy’s work and most of what Hugh Jackman does out of the X-Men franchise is crap. But now that I’ve seen “Real Steel,” I can say that it is a great movie. A very surprisingly great movie.

It stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a robot boxing promoter who, back in the day, used to be a boxer himself. The year is 2020 and robot boxing is the top sport. Charlie is a really arrogant, self-centered guy. He’s pretty much broke and reduced to giving robot vs. bull shows at rodeos. Then he’s told that his ex-girlfriend has died in a car accident and that he has an 11-year-old son Max, played by Dakota Goyo, who he’s never met and has to spend the summer with.

Early on, though, Charlie and his girlfriend, played by Evangeline Lilly, find out that Max loves robots and knows a lot about them. The father-son thing happens and they later begin a climb to the top of the robot boxing industry. Their found-from-the-scrapyard robot Atom turns out to be a great fighter and they even challenge the “un-beatable” Zeus, whom they have a big final fight with.

Along the way, Charlie goes from interested in money to interested in money and loving his kid too. He looks like he wants to get him back and that he’s planning to, but the movie ends with what is probably the most stupid ending I’ve seen in a long time. There’s practically no conclusion to the story.

Still, that said, I haven’t seen an action film this good since… Well last month when I saw “Rise of the Apes.” Okay, so I haven’t seen a robot action film this good since, ever! I despise the Transformers films; I enjoyed the third, but they are no match against this surprisingly good, emotional, gripping, traditional action movie.

Rating: ★★★





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